Learn Gypsy Jazz Chords

(Free Gypsy Jazz chords pdf )

Learn gypsy jazz chords with this great 16 pages pdf booklet free to download ! 

Major, Minor, Dominant, Diminished, half diminished, everything with position on E, A, and D string ! no excuse to work ! 🙂

 I’ll send a mail from time to time with cool stuff to learn and work gypsy jazz, free guitar videos lessons, licks and solos, and news from guitarsession.net…
Enjoy 🙂 Dan

Pdf Download

Gypsy Jazz Chords pdf16 pages with all gypsy jazz chords shapes:

1. Major chords on low E string, A string & D String

2. Minor chords on low E string, A string & D String

3. Dominant (7) chords on low E string, A string & D String + Dominant altered

4. Diminished

5. Half Diminished

All you need to start comping ! 🙂

Gypsy jazz chords are not really the same as standard jazz chords, often you won’t play the 7 on major or minor chords, but the 6… Sometimes also we play all the strings to make rich and full 6 and 9 chords, in traditional jazz you often only play 4 strings… The 7M are also less used, we use more the 6 and 9…

As you may know, Django Reinhardt had a problem on the left hand, maybe this is the reason why he choose those position, easier for him to do 🙂

So with this free pdf you will have all the informations to know which gypsy jazz chords are the most used and how to play them, in the real gypsy way 🙂!

You will have the positions of gypsy jazz chords with the root on the low E string, then on the A string and even on the D string, it can also be useful if you use chords in solos …

You can also memorize the value of the notes for each chord that is indicated in the chord diagrams. this is really important because it will help you easily find the right notes for arpeggios and improvisation!

This is a great way to learn some positions for triads or arpeggios at the same time … I put the value of the notes referring to the root in each note of the diagrams, I hope that will help you!

Gypsy Jazz-Chords-Book

Free Gypsy Jazz Chords PDF

Take a good look at the video, you will have lots of tips for learning and memorizing the usual chords and positions that we use all the time! this will help you understand how to make gypsy jazz chords and which ones we use all the time!

I made this gypsy jazz chord book in pdf so you can easily progress in your understanding of the style and what we use the most  to learn gypsy jazz !

Once you have assimilated the basic positions of these gypsy jazz chords : major and minor third, fifth, seventh and major seventh, it will be much easier for you to learn gypsy jazz arpeggios by adding some notes … so it’s important to visualize in the chords these notes a will help you permanently afterwards 🙂

This pdf took me a long time to do, i hope you find it useful! 🙂 

Hello guys!

My name is Daniel, I play gypsy jazz for 20 years now (my god!!) and I do a lot of youtube videos..

Welcome on my website, I share here my passion for gypsy jazz, a lot of solos, licks from great players, free lessons and pdf to download and some big complete lessons (paid) to learn gypsy jazz, learn and progress… So hopefully you’ll find great lesson to learn gypsy jazz  the good way here !

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